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How to Find the Perfect Virginia Waterfront Home and Make the Perfect VA Waterfront Sale along the Chesapeake Bay for the Blog Cabin 2011 television show project.
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Which makes it the perfect home for the 2011 Blog Cabin

Chesapeake Bay Waterfront Real Estate for Sale in: Mathews County, Virginia

The DIY 2011 Blog Cabin Sale
Rear view of the 2011 DIY Blog Cabin house
Chesapeake Bay Deadrise at Nearby Davis Creek in Mathews County Virginia
Family visiting New Point Comfort Lighthouse in the early 1900s
USS Eagle off Old Point Comfort

and Make the Perfect Sale for the Blog Cabin 2011 Television Show

The "perfect sale" takes place when the buyer and seller reach a mutually rewarding agreement. That's exactly what took place early in 2010 soon after the producers of DIY Network's "Blog Cabin" television show began searching for a home for their next restoration project. Bloggers at their website commented that the property should be waterfront, historic, and located somewhere along the mid-Atlantic coast. Hearing their ideas the show's producers focused in on the Virginia Waterfront, and homes along the legendary Chesapeake Bay. After several Google searches they found Morgan & Edwards Real Estate, in Mathews County, Virginia.

Mathews is one of Virginia's smallest counties, yet offers more than 200 miles of shoreline on the Piankatank, East, and North Rivers, as well as the Chesapeake and Mobjack Bays. It is an area of unparalleled natural beauty, with miles of pristine beaches and undisturbed woodlands all abounding with wildlife. Mathews also has a rich cultural heritage dating back to early English settlements in the mid 1600s. This unique location met the desired criteria so they decided to concentrate their search efforts in Mathews.

Daria Linsinbigler, real estate agent at Morgan & Edwards began showing the DIY Network executives properties in February, 2010. "They liked the feel of Mathews", she said, "And they kept coming back no matter what I showed them. They loved the town and people." After scouring the local coastline for a property to meet their needs. "We saw this property, but almost didn't consider it because of the price," she added. Back at the office, with properties spread all over the table, Steven Lerner, DIY Network Director of Programming, brought up that the Tatterson property with its beautiful views was an ideal location. "I had showed Mr. Lerner many, many listings but he described this one as perfect."Daria said. Renee Edwards, hearing the conversation, strongly advised him to make an offer because the house was in such bad shape. "We decided to give it a try...after some tough negotiating, we made the deal go through."

The historic house, originally built 1905 was home to several generations of the Tatterson family, including present day Billy and Borum Tatterson. Their uncle lived at a large farm next door named Bellevue Plantation. The two houses were known by local residents and watermen as "Twin Coves" because of their unique waterfront setting.

Today the three-story structure is in need of complete restoration, and was saved from demolition by the DIY Network's 2011 "Blog Cabin" home building television project. "Blog Cabin is an interactive show where people at home vote on how to build this house. And at the end we give it away," says Matt Blashaw, host of the 2011 television show. "With no electricity, or indoor plumbing our house needs a ton of work, but with your help we're going to turn it into the ultimate waterfront vacation home."

The 16 acre property offers spectacular panoramic water views and many watercraft pass by every day, from sailing and fishing boats to commercial watermen and barges. The property was originally much larger, but has since been subdivided. Some of these subdivided properties have recently been listed and are available for sale today.

DIY Network will begin shooting the project in April, 2011. “’Blog Cabin’ 2011 is our most ambitious build yet, and this time we're making and preserving history. You design it, we build it, and one lucky viewer will call it home. Start dreaming." says DIY Network's “Blog Cabin” producers.

Blog Cabin 2011 Slide Show