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Frequently Asked Questions

Question about selling

Yes a home that is not maintained can depreciate in value. Also mobile homes do depreciate in value. Economic conditions can also cause the value of a home to fall.

An older home can be an equal to a better value to a new home in some cases. Quality construction and curb appeal. Superior quality craftsmanship as well.

However an older home that is not elaborate or well cared for will always be beat by a New Home in value.

A Broker is educated with special Real Estate Education in order to be able to run a Brokerage Business in Real Estate. Also they have many years on the job before qualifying to be a Licensed Real Estate Broker

Yes in some cases you can talk to the bank and request to pay your own taxes and insurance and they will allow it.

In most instances loans take 30 to 45 days. In some special cases the loan can take up to 60 days depending on the type of loan you get.

Question about Leasing

Renting is usually not a better value than buying. When you finish making all your mortgage payments you have something to show for your money.

Sometimes the advantage to renting can be no maintenance or upkeep or surprise bills which can occur when you buy a home. Homes must be  maintained.

In some cases they can , but you will have to check with the regulations for the community to be sure.

Rentals are difficult to find especially in the winter months. We have many resources in our area to help find rental properties to either rent or purchase. We will be glad to assist you in your successful search.